"We mobilize to become a tangible expression of love ...connecting and coordinating with the local community and church before and after disaster."


Preparation & Training

We recognize that for individuals and the Church to effectively respond to disasters they must be prepared spiritually and practically.  Whether it is for individuals or groups, we can facilitate training or, in some instances link you with those that offer more in-depth training.  If you are interested in more information, please email us at vickie@risetothetime.org.


Mobile Outreach

As the Somebody Cares Mobile Outreach Center, we can rapidly respond to disasters across the nation and serve local churches and communities affected.  After assessing needs, we coordinate assistance to meet those needs with resources through the greater Somebody Cares/Global Compassion Response Network. 

Mission Trips

Mission teams providing outside assistance are a blessing not only shortly after a disaster but even long after the immediate response is over.

As Doug Stringer, founder of Somebody Cares America, says, “Relationships define our destiny,” and we find great joy by taking teams to locations where we have served and continue to have relationships.

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